When reaching a crossroads, employees need clear vision and effective tools to make informed choices. This may demand learning how to rebrand or market themselves, effectively communicating how valuable their unique set of skills may be to a potential employer. The reasons for transition are varied and our approach to each client is unique. We are committed to supporting our clients during transition and helping them take the right next step


At Gisha Shona we believe that when one chapter ends, another one begins. Effective outplacement processes help displaced employees stay in the game, focus on their career paths and move ahead. We specialize in building outplacement services based on targeted goals and workable solutions that assist employees with their transitions and move careers forward.


The process focuses on comprehensive career re-evaluations, strategic planning and practical search tools. We partner with our clients to offer new opportunities, ensure a smooth transition and a fresh start.


With broad experience across the field of executive development, Gisha Shona supports C-suite and senior managers through dynamic changes in their career trajectories with comprehensive, practical re-evaluation tools. Based on the insights gained of their goals and passions, we assist clients in implementing the necessary, positive steps to create the next stage in their career.