I would like to express our satisfaction from the search process we experienced with Spencer Stuart and Gisha Shona.

We were looking to recruit a global VP Innovation to Avgol (a global leader in the manufacture of market leading non-woven fabric solutions). The search was a complex one because of our relentless requirements for high technical abilities, innovative thinking, high profile and readiness to relocate to Israel for some years and the global restricted industry space.

After 2 months, we had three prioritized final candidates and we were fortunate to recruit the number one!

Fatih Mehmet Erguney is exactly the candidate we expected to fill the position.

It was not only a recruitment which went well. It was a pleasure working with them.

They were professional in all senses, and this help us to conclude the whole process on time.

The Search Process

Anita Chor, The Global of Head Human Resources said that It was an outstanding project and added: It represented the best recruiting done in the last period.

Corrado(from Spencer Stuart) was a trusted advisor and supported me a lot in developing a transparent ranking of candidates. “the team was the right one” and showed to know very well the candidates, their histories and performances. Corrado was much effective in dealing with the candidate’s expectations and preparing him for the offer.

The documentation was much accurate and thorough. I appreciated a lot the reference check and they have been fast.

The team was available and proactive.

They worked seamlessly together and were aligned when sharing points of views. They showed to know very well the network, function and industry. I also saw a strong understanding of our need and culture.